Uniform Washing and Pressing Directions


Betsy Lewis, the uniform mom, will provide you the detergent and the directions. For a top load washer…4-5 jackets in a load, then the trousers in another load. They need to be washed in cold water and on gentle cycle. The Jackets are to be tumbled on low for 2-3 mins. then hung to finish drying. The trousers can be tumbled until dried on Low temp. The front load washer can fit 6 jackets in each load. The Trousers and Jackets MUST be washed in separate loads!! The uniforms should ALWAYS be washed on Gentle and in cold water. Unfortunately ….the uniforms cannot be washed with well water.


  • Dampen WHITE washcloth with tap water.
  • Set iron on polyester- Steam setting also. Not dry. The more steam the better.
  • Place cloth on uniform, place iron on top….Press Firmly to secure the crease.
  • ALWAYS have the cloth between uniform and iron. These press nicely. I am mainly concerned about the front/back center crease and hem crease.
  • When folding the pants to return to the bag, PLEASE fold them on the crease. Thank you!!!

Always remember…I am only a phone call away if you have questions!!


Each time uniforms are washed we need parents from EACH Section to help wash them.

  • Drum Majors – 1 parent
  • Clarinets – 5 parents
  • Flutes – 5 parents
  • Horns – 2 parents
  • Percussion – Bass line- 1 parent
  • PIT – 3 parents
  • Snare line – 1 parent
  • Sax – 4 parents
  • Trumpet – 5 parents
  • Trombone – 4 parents
  • Tubas – 2 parents

Please contact Betsy Lewis if you can help at 389-5367 or bandmomx4@verizon.net