About HBPA

Hickory Band Parents Association (HBPA) is very involved with the band. It is responsible for supporting not only the band students, but also the directors.  There are many opportunities for parents to be involved with HBPA while their students are in high school.

HBPA Handbook (pdf)
HBPA Bylaws (pdf)

Stay Connected!

The top four communication methods for getting the latest information are:

    1. CHARMS – the go-to source for information, such as events, volunteer sign-ups, email staff/parents, calendar, and more.
    1. REMIND – Students and parents will received text/SMS reminder messages.
    1. hhsbands.org
  1. HBPA Facebook Page

HBPA Facebook

Facebook (@HBPA–Hickory Band Parent Association) is also a great resource for band members and parents!


Band Directors and other parents frequently post updates on the HBPA Facebook Page!  If you have a Facebook account, ask the Band Directors to add you to the group today!

*NOTE: Please do not post video of the marching band performances on Facebook due to music copyrights, etc.