Freshman/New Parents FAQs

Being a member of the Hickory High School Band program is a very rewarding experience, and one that will help to make high school memorable.   Both the Concert and Marching Bands at Hickory are award-winning, and you will be joining an organization of which you can feel very proud.

This page will hopefully help to answer most of the questions that you and your parents would have regarding the band program at Hickory High School.  We look forward to making you part of our family!

HBPA Documents:
HBPA Handbook (pdf)
HBPA Bylaws (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the band directors at Hickory High School?

Band Directors – Mitchell Reed and Yvonne Daye
Click here for more information on the band directors and staff.

What are the primary methods of communication? – HHS Band Website. This website is updated on a regular basis, and many of your questions may be answered right here!

BAND App is the new informational heartbeat of the Hickory High School Band Program and should be viewed daily/weekly.  BAND App is your go-to source for information, such as posts, events, subgroups, volunteer sign-ups, calendar, attachments and more. Staff/Officers use the BAND App to send out notifications to students and parents.

Click here to join the BAND App.

Cut Time will also be used to send out important emails. Once your student fills out the commitment form, the band directors will send you an email invite to receive emails from Cut Time.

Contacts Page. Please contact HBPA Officers/Committee Chairs first before contacting the band directors.  Also feel free to reach out to band parents within your section.

HBPA is on Facebook (HBPA–Hickory Band Parent Assoc. Facebook Page).  It’s a closed group but open to students and parents – a great resource for information and to ask questions!  If you have a Facebook account, ask the Band Directors to add you to the group today!  We have an open Hickory High School Bands Facebook Page as well!

What classes are offered?

There are several band classes offered at HHS.  You can refer to the “Performance Groups” page on this website for more detailed information.

How do I become a member of Marching Band?

Each year in the Spring, the Hickory Middle School Band Directors will have a meeting to introduce marching band to rising 9th graders.  You will receive information at this meeting that will be useful in making your decision to join the marching band.  A student who is new to HHS can contact one of the Band Directors for additional information.

What is the time commitment for Marching Band?

There are usually several weeks during the summer that practice is held.  In the past, during the summer there has been a week in early July (evenings), 2 weeks in August (all day), and a third week in August (evenings).  Once school begins, marchers have practice during the week until 6 p.m., almost every day during marching season.  This usually lasts until November.  Marchers perform at all home football games and a few away games (Friday nights), and travel to several competitions a year (weekends).

What is Band Camp?

The Marching Band Camp is a very important part of the marching program.  Camp is usually held in July/August (See Charms Calendar for dates and times). The camp is held at the Hickory High School and is imperative that each marcher attends this camp.  Much of the band’s program is learned during these weeks.

Please visit the Band Camp webpage for more details and instructions.

What are the competitions?

The Marching Hawks usually compete in 4-5 competitions each fall.  Several are in our area, and several are out of town, and require overnight stays.  In the past, the marchers have traveled and competed in Lynchburg (Liberty University), Roanoke, and Harrisonburg (JMU).

Can I videotape the marching band performances?

You may record video, however, you are NOT allowed to post the video online (e.g. youtube, social media) due to music copyright laws.

Are parents involved in the band?

YES!  Hickory Band Parents Association (HBPA) is very involved with the band, and helps in many ways!  It is responsible for supporting not only the students, but also the directors.  Click HERE to view the current HBPA Officers and Committee Chairs.

How can a parent join HBPA and how can I help?

There are no membership requirements to joining HBPA, except that you have a child in the band, and you would like to be involved!  Information will be available about HBPA at any of the HBPA meetings or at the informational meetings.   There are several leadership positions within HBPA and many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.

Is parent volunteering required?

Yes, we NEED all band parents to volunteer to be successful.  Parents are required to work at the Southeastern Virginia Music Games (SEVMG) and at least in some other capacity during the marching season/year.  Please join us! Details regarding these volunteer opportunities are listed on the Volunteers page on the website.  Volunteer sign-ups are on CHARMS by clicking on the “Volunteer” icon or by contacting the HBPA committee chair.

As a parent, to whom do I give my contact information?

At the beginning of marching band season, your marcher will complete a marching band commitment form, which is given to the band directors.  Once the directors have you and your student’s information they will add you to the Charms Program. CHARMS is the informational heartbeat of the Hickory High School Band Program and should be viewed weekly.  CHARMS is your go-to source for information, such as events, volunteer sign-ups, email staff/parents, calendar, and more. Use “Update Info” icon to update parent and student contact information.  Staff/Officers use CHARMS to send out notifications to students and parents.

When/where are HBPA meetings?

Usually, HBPA meetings are held the second Thursday of each month in the band room (or auditorium) at Hickory High School.  If there is a change to this time we will notify you via Charms emails and Social Media.

How much are marching band dues?

Marching band dues are currently $600 per student.  Dues can be paid on the website via PayPal or by check payable to: HBPA (write your student’s name and band dues on memo line and put in Black Box in the HHS Band Room).  Several parents that participate in the Scrip (Gift Card Program) have part or all of their band dues covered just by purchasing items you normally buy on a regular basis. Band dues cover costs for uniforms, instruments, competitions/travel, props, and other maintenance items.  Our fees are some of the lowest in the area, and this is made possible by all the fundraising that is done by the students and HBPA.

What forms do I need to complete for my marching band student?

Check the BAND App or the website for the latest forms.

What do I need to purchase to go with their band uniforms?

Visit the Uniforms, Shoes & Gloves webpage for more information.

  • Band Show T-shirt (ALL)
  • Black compression shirts and pants/leggings (short-sleeve for summer, long-sleeve for fall/winter) with no visible labels
  • Marching Band only
    • Black Shoes (“Dinkles”) $30
    • Black Gloves $5
    • Long black dress socks (over the calf) – purchased individually
  • Guard shoes and gloves – get more details from the instructors as Guard outfits/shoes change often

What other items do I need to purchase for my marching band student?

    • Clip-on Chromatic Tuner (Snark ST-2) – used for marching band and in the classroom
    • Neon Shoelaces – any color (marching band only)
    • Large Water Jug (please label with student’s name)
    • Comfortable tennis shoes with good arch support
  • Spirit Day outfits/accessories – during summer band camp, the band participates in various “spirit days” where they dress in themed outfits.  Ask your marching band student for more details.

What are the fundraisers?

Fundraising is the only way to financially support our band program and keep our band dues low.  The marching band does not receive any funds from Chesapeake Public Schools and is 100% supported by band dues and fundraisers.  We are always thinking of new ways to raise money so let us know if you have a new fundraising idea! Some of the fundraisers are listed below, and are described in more detail on the Fundraising page on this website.

What other opportunities are there to get involved in the band program?

In the winter, our program offers Winter Color Guard and Drumline.  There are tryouts for each of these activities.  Also, guard and percussion tryouts for the fall marching season are usually held in the spring.

Can a band student earn a HHS letter?

Absolutely!  A student earns points for activities that he/she does throughout the year.  He/She will need to earn 200 points to earn a letter.  A student does not have to be a member of marching band to earn a letter.  Information and details located in the Hickory High School Band Handbook.