Band Camp and More

Good afternoon,

Thank you to all of our students and parents for a fantastic week of band camp.  We could not do this without all of your generous help.  The students have been doing a wonderful job!

The following are a few announcements we have been sharing with the students and wanted to make sure that we sent the parents way as well.

1.  Media forms (there are 2 ) and blue emergency card are on charms under handouts.  Please print these off and return to the Drum Majors or Ms. Cox as soon as possible.  We cannot travel without these form.

2. All of the marching band music is on Charms under handouts.  If your student cannot locate their music, this is where to go and print yourself another copy.

3. All drill dot/coordinate sheets are on Charms under handouts.  We ask the students to have these on them everyday at rehearsal.  If they lose theirs they can go to charms and copy out another dot sheet.

4.  Continue to Hydrate yourself before, during and after band.  This will keep you healthy on the hot, hot days!

5.  Please log onto Charms and make sure all of information is filled out and current.  If you are having issues logging into the program please send an email with your students’ name and student ID number.

6.  Please make sure that you have in your email address book.  This will prevent emails from being sent to your junk mail or being kicked back.

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