Hickory Marching Hawks Golf Tournament, August 14

The Hickory Marching Hawks Golf Tournament that generates about 20% of our budget is scheduled for August 14th at the Cahoon Plantation in Chesapeake; start time 8:00am.

We are in need of help, not just for the event day, but seeking for sponsors and donors.  We need your help to make this event as successful as or better than previous years. Attached you will find forms that detail the 2015 golf outing- venue, sponsors and general information.  Please use this to find sponsors, players and/or donors for our event. There are many ways to help the 2015 Marching Hawks Golf Tournament.  If you, or someone you know, can be a sponsor or can donate items that can be raffled; it will help a lot.  Items can be given to players as tokens for their contribution or they can be use in the event’s raffle — the raffle is also a big money maker and ANYTHING can be raffled.

So, please, get active, get involved!

Contact Mario C Rodriguez at mario.c.rodriguez@hotmail.com if you have questions.  We meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm at the Centerville Baptist Church.

5th Annual HBPA Golf Flyer
HBPA Sponsorship Levels – Incentives

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