Wind Ensemble Indy Trip 2014 Information

Students will be dismissed at 10:30 am.  They will be able to leave luggage in a designated area in the morning if they need.

Updated Wind Ensemble Itinerary (pdf)

Please review the itinerary so that you know what the students will need at all times.  In the simplest terms we need 7 outfits, and money for 5 meals.  There will more than likely be some times where the kids will go shopping for a bit too.

We are meeting at 10:30 am in the auditorium on Wednesday.  Packing the bus and the trailer it is pulling will be timely and very important.  Percussion really needs to have their instruments together!!  If you need assistance, please ask for help!

Here is a little checklist that might help:

  1. Instrument

  2. Music Folder with warm ups

  3. Mutes

  4. Reeds and extra reeds

  5. Brass double check mouthpieces

  6. Mallets

  7. Concert Attire – guys need to IRON their shirts and wear a white shirt underneath.  Make sure you

  8. hang everything up when we arrive and IRON your clothes.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to iron with too much heat on some things.

  9. Business Casual clothes for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

  10. Semi Formal for the banquet

  11. Clothes for the student social

  12. Toiletries

  13. Coat

  14. Cell phone and charger

  15. Pillows/and bus stuff

We are obviously under supervision of more than enough chaperones on this trip, but please make sure your kids know that we are representing Hickory HS, Chesapeake, and the state of Virginia.  All school policies will be followed.

If there are any questions, please either email me at my school address, or take care of them at a question/answer session tomorrow night after the concert.  Please plan on the students packing their equipment up RIGHT AFTER the concert!

Thank you so much!  Keep checking out the Bands of America or Music For All page on Facebook for updates about this exciting event!

David Enloe

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