Concert Attire

Listed below are the requirements for Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble:


  1. Shirts – White long sleeved tuxedo shirt.  (Purchased by student)
  2. Pants – Black dress pants or black pressed skirt, calf length or longer. 
  3. Shoes – Black dress shoes with black socks.  No sneakers, sandals or slippers.
  4. Tie and Cummerbund – Black tie and cummerbund (Purchased through HBPA $15) 


  1. Concert Gowns – Ladies will be wearing a black concert dress gown.  Ladies will be sized for dresses in October and the cost approximately $80 each.  Students have the option of purchasing a new gown, or purchasing a gown from former members at a discounted price. Many dresses will be listed for sale on the HBPA Facebook page.  All Alterations required will be at your own expense. 
  2. Shoes – Black closed toe shoes.  Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes with a small heal.  Be sure to have your dress hemmed and measured with your shoes on!
  3. Jewelry – Small Earrings (little as possible).