What is SCRIP?

  • A member-controlled fundraiser that helps raise money for the band and your student (helps pay your annual dues, purchase gloves, shoes, banquet tickets, etc!)
  • You purchase gift cards at face value and HBPA is paid a percentage of the sale.
  • HBPA splits the profits with the students.  The suggested split is 60/40. *Starting in 2017, Marching students get 60% and HBPA gets 40%!!
    • For example, if you buy this $50 Applebee’s gift card, HBPA will get 8% of what you spend = $4.00 ! (HBPA account $1.60 – tax-deductible donation, Marching Hawk $2.40)
    •  Buy gift cards for many merchants like Walmart,Sam’s Club, Farm Fresh, Home Depot (spend on things you buy everyday).
    • Some HBPA parents have used SCRIP to nearly pay their entire annual dues!!!

The Hickory Band Program has extended its fundraising program with SCRIP. Read the Letter to Introduce SCRIP.  For more details on SCRIP, please review the What is SCRIP (pptx) presentation.

Or, you can visit:  www.shopwithscrip.com

SCRIP Agreement Form

Attached please find the new SCRIP Agreement Form. Each family who uses SCRIP must complete the form, and return it to BJ Jonas or email it to hbpascrip@gmail.com. Forms are good for your student’s entire band career.  This way you will sign this agreement just this one last time.  If you choose to leave the program before your student graduates, you can always notify the Coordinator (me) and we’ll get you signed out.

Download: SCRIP-Agreement (docx)


Plan is to place order every two weeks. SCRIP order dates have been moved to MONDAYS! Please have your orders in by the night before to be included in the order!

Check out “SCRIP News” to the right for specials and information! Suggestions regarding SCRIP? Contact BJ Jonas (757-288-9537). Email: hbpascrip@gmail.com


SCRIP Program Information

To start earning credit back for all things band related follow these easy steps included in the file below!

SCRIP Instructions (docx).

The Band Program enrollment code is 2B2LAA5L24666

Once you enroll, you will need to complete the SCRIP Agreement Form (see form above) and return it to the BJ Jonas.  You can use the Band Room’s mailbox to return it.

Please contact BJ Jonas, or use the SCRIP Discussion section on the HBPA Facebook if you have any questions.

SCRIP Statements

Statements to all the SCRIP Partners on their Rebate/Student Credit/Tax Deductible Donation status were sent out via email. Hard copies are available upon request. If you would like a hard copy, please contact BJ Jonas.