RaiseRight (Gift Card Program)

Did you know if each band family participated in the RaiseRight Gift Card Program, no other fundraising would be needed?

What is RaiseRight?

  • Purchase gift cards for others or yourself and each student/parent AND HBPA is paid a percentage of the sale.
    • Use your RaiseRight credits towards band fees (annual dues, gloves, shoes, banquet tickets, etc). It’s basically earning FREE money on things you would buy anyway!!! Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire.
    • Buy gift cards for many merchants like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Carrabba’s, Wawa, Wendy’s, Olive Garden, Bath & Body Works and more (spend on things you buy everyday).

How do I sign-up? (Follow the 2 basic steps below)

  1. Download the RaiseRight mobile App and complete registration on the app or on the website www.raiseright.com (watch tutorial video below):
    • CLICK HERE to join HBPA RaiseRight Program
    • Fill out info and payment method.
  2. Complete HBPA RaiseRight Program Agreement and then save it (or take a photo/scan it) and email to Sam Belfield (hbpascrip@gmail.com).
    • Select eGift Cards and then choose to pay with Bank Account ($0.15 fee) or Credit Card (2.6% fee).
      • We currently do not support the pay option of “Pay Coordinator Directly”
    • Physical Gift Cards
      • “Ship to Coordinator” is not available (due to high shipping costs of physical cards).
      • “Ship to Home” are available. Gift Cards are sent via regular mail and cost $1 for first card and $0.50 for additional cards.

Click here for RaiseRight FAQs

How much can I earn using RaiseRight gift cards?

  • HBPA splits the profits with the students/parents.  Students/Parents get 60% and HBPA gets 40%!
      • Example 1, if you buy this $100 Old Navy gift card, 20% of what you spend is donated = $20! (Marching Hawk Student $12, HBPA account $8)
      • Example 2, if you buy a $500 Home Depot gift card, 7% of what you spend is donated = $35! (Marching Hawk Student $21, HBPA account $14)
      • All “Marching Hawk” credits go toward your student’s account to pay for band dues, shoes, banquets, etc. All credits that go to HBPA account are a tax-deductible donation. Some HBPA parents have used RaiseRight to nearly pay their entire annual dues!!!

Video Tutorial on how to use the RaiseRight App (formerly Scrip)

If you have questions regarding RaiseRight, contact Sam Belfield (hbpascrip@gmail.com).