Winter Percussion Ensemble

The Winter Percussion Ensemble is a ensemble made up of percussion instruments. The Winter Percussion Ensemble performs in the WGI and AIA circuits, and have been WGI World Concert Champions. The Percussion ensemble is primarily open to percussionists in the band program, but also includes other students with advanced musical experience.

One of the ensembles that we offer here at Hickory is the Indoor Percussion Ensemble. This ensemble is open to everyone in the Hickory Band program, regardless of instrument. This is a competitive ensemble that learns a show similar to a marching band show, except the competitions are held in gyms. This group is made up of all percussion and electronics and is a mix of marching band and theater.

The season runs from November to April and rehearsals are Tuesdays/Thursdays/Some Saturdays. We will have a meeting in mid-October with more details. Below are some videos showing you what indoor percussion is like.

If you are interested in auditioning for the Hickory Indoor Percussion Ensemble, please complete this Interest Form.