Uniforms, Shoes & Gloves

All Marching Band and Guard Members

Band Show T-Shirt – Show t-shirts are designed to go with the theme for the year, so band members must purchase a new one each year. During some performances, games, or certain school days the band will wear their show shirts instead of the uniform.

Marching Band

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All shoes and gloves are to be ordered through HBPA.  We use specific shoes and gloves that match our uniforms. Shirts, socks, shorts/pants are to be brought from home.  The HHS band provides the marching band uniform.

Marching Band Uniform: The uniforms are provided by the band (included in dues), and remain in the band room.  Uniforms are not to be brought home by students; they are fitted, tailored, washed, and organized in groups by parent volunteers.

Marching Band Black Shoes (“Dinkles”) – Order through HBPA:  Students who need shoes will be sized during uniform fitting.  All returning students should locate their shoes from the previous year and check fitting.  Please keep shoes cleaned and polished!

Marching Band Black Gloves – Order through HBPA:  For all band members except percussion.  Students may wear previous years’ gloves.

Plain Black T-shirt: During warm weather, students wear cotton t-shirts or Under Armour shirts to help keep cool.  We ask for minimal or no writing on the shirt.  If it is hot and the students are in uniform we will ask them to take off the uniform jackets to keep cool.  Plain black T-shirts will allow the students to look uniform and yet remain cool.  During cold weather, some students also use a long-sleeve black shirt or compression shirt.

Black Dress Socks: Marchers will need to wear long black socks (like dress socks).

Form fitting dark shorts / pants (optional): During warm weather, many students wear bike shorts / compression shorts under their uniform for easier uniform changes in the band room.  Form fitting shorts/pants help eliminate bulkiness under the uniforms.  During colder weather, many will wear thermals / compression pants under the uniform.CleaningDinkles

How to Care for Band Uniforms: All students should properly hang and store their uniforms and shakos. If there are any questions, the section leaders and the uniform parents may provide assistance. Dinkles (shoes) should be shined prior to EACH performance. This is best accomplished with Pledge or a Pledge wipe. Parent volunteers launder uniforms as assigned by the uniform committee. A special detergent is used and provided by the uniform committee. Your assistance in this area is appreciated. Please see the uniform committee to sign-up.


Guard Shoes – Order through HBPA: Shoes for guard change often due to the uniform changing yearly.  Guard is fitted for shoes at the beginning of the season.

Guard Gloves – Order through HBPA

Guard Shape Wear: Shape wear is discussed with the girls at the beginning of the season by the instructors.

How to Care for Guard Uniforms: Directors and instructors will tell students when and how to launder the uniforms. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE DYE & FRAGRANCE FREE DETERGENT AND NO WELL WATER IS TO BE USED ON UNIFORMS. If you have well water, please find a team mate and ask for help with laundering your uniform.


You may pay online at hhsbands.org or by check payable to “HBPA” for shoes and gloves.  Include your student’s name with “Shoes and gloves” by adding special instructions or on the memo line (check).  All checks can be placed in the brown HBPA drop box in the band room located next to the exterior band doors.

Shoes/gloves will typically be ordered in early September. Payment must be made prior to the initial order date, otherwise the price increases for late orders (due to additional shipping costs).  Returning marchers should check their uniform items in July to make sure they still fit.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Band Directors or the Uniform Coordinator(s).