Why YOU should join Hickory Marching Hawks…watch this video!

How to Join the Marching Hawks!

When you have decided to join the Marching Hawks, complete the Commitment Form and submit your Band Dues and Indianapolis Deposit.

This gives us all necessary contact information needed for our season. Due no later than Friday, May 19th, 2023. (Can be completed anytime before)

Mark your calendar with our important Band Dates


Create CutTime Account


Each student member is required to set up an account in our office management system. This is where you can access the band calendar, and more. We ask that each student has at least 1 parent account. 

Create Raiseright Account


RaiseRight is an amazing opportunity to earn money from items you buy regularly (Home Depot, Walmart, Food Lion, Best Buy and MANY MORE).  Buying gift cards (physical or digital) through the app or website earns your student a percentage of the sale.  RaiseRight credits can be used towards band fees (dues, gloves, shoes, uniform fees, etc.).  It is basically earning FREE money on things you would buy anyways.  Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees & never expire. Every year, we have band students pay for their band dues by consistently using RaiseRight.


HHS Band Directors

2021 Marching Band Season Highlights