Shoes and Gloves

We have recently received questions about the shoe and glove orders.  I hope I can answer any questions you may have in this email.
All shoes and gloves are to be ordered through HBPA.  We use specific shoes and gloves that match our uniforms.

The marching band (woodwinds, brass, percussion and pit) shoes cost $30.  Students who need shoes will be sized during uniform fitting.  We ask that all returning students locate their shoes and check fitting.

Marching Band Gloves (woodwinds, and brass) We will be using new gloves this year.   The cost of the gloves will be cost $6.  We do have a few pair of our old gloves from last year, if you would like a pair, the cost will be $3 while supplies last.

Plain Black T-shirt …some students wear cotton t-shirts, however many wear Under Armor to help with keeping cool.  We ask for minimal writing on the shirt.  If it is hot and the students are in uniform we will ask them to take off the uniform jackets to keep cool.  Having the black t-shirt will allow the students to look uniform and yet remain cool.

Form fitting shorts–  many students wears a bike short under their uniform along with the Under Armor.  This helps eliminate bulkiness under the uniforms.  During colder evenings many will wear thermals under the uniform.

Guard Shoes will cost $36 this year.  Shoes for guard change often due to the uniform changing yearly.  Guard has already been fitted for shoes.
Guard Gloves will cost  $15.00 a pair.


Guard shape wear has been discussed with the girls, by the instructors.


For parents would like to send a check for the shoes and gloves please make checks out to HBPA and put your student’s name in the memo along with “Shoes and gloves”. All Checks can be placed in the brown HBPA drop box located to the exterior band doors.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Cox or Mr. Enloe

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