Schedule for Clayton (Guards and Percussion), Feb 28

Schedule for Clayton High School
Hickory Guards and Percussion
February 28, 2015

Arrive at HHS/ Load Truck and Bus/ Depart HHS 8:30AM
Arrive at Clayton/check in 12:00
Guards get equipment in school and changes into uniform 12:10
SILVER begin stretching 12:45
Body Warm Up (SILVER) 1:13
Transit 1:20
Equip Warm Up (SILVER) 1:25
Transit 1:32
On Deck 1:37
Performance 1:44
Fold Tarp/ Load Trailer 1:50
TEAL Begin Stretch 1:45
Body Warm Up (TEAL) 2:14
Transit 2:22
Equip Warm Up (TEAL) 2:27
Transit 2:35
On Deck 2:40
Performance (TEAL) 2:48
Fold Tarp/ Load Equipment 3:00
Guards change out of uniform except those in awards 3:15
Awards 5:15-5:30
Eat at concessions
Percussion Unload Truck 4:00
Dress in Uniform 4:30
Warm Up (PERCUSSION) 5:20
Transit 5:40
On Deck 5:50
Performance (PERCUSSION) 6:00
Load Truck 6:15
Load Bus/ Depart 7:00
Stop for dinner 7:30
Load Bus 8:15
Return to HHS/Unload 11:00

Guards will need to make sure hair and make up are complete before we get off the bus.
Please keep last touches (especially hairspray are taken care of once we are at Clayton HS)

We will not be staying for percussion awards; if we did we would not return to school until after midnight!

Make sure to eat dinner before we leave. Bring money for concessions, souvenirs and dinner. Bring extra snacks if you like.. just nothing messy, we have to clean the bus once we return to school!

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